Moving hands, practicing happiness

26 Oct

For me the biggest freedom that each individual has is the ability to decide the meaning he puts to each moment. This basically means that we can continuously create our reality to be whatever we want. And I want mine to be happy!

I have consciously chosen to practice happiness. In my morning meditation I invite joy into my life, in my evening reflection I recognise a happy moment from my day, and most importantly, in each moment I try find elements that make me happy.

I just came back from picking my wife from the station. These 20 minutes of walking were packed with happiness. Some of the highlights included:

  • smell of the wet air
  • autumn chilliness
  • being able to move my hands (not carrying my suitcase)
  • moving through the darkness
  • feeling of my new hoodie
  • seeing the smile of my wife

Happiness is not about achieving; it’s about going about your everyday life with the right attitude. Happiness is not a stage waiting for you somewhere; it’s there for you every moment in your life. Happiness is an action for you to do!

Your turn! During the next 20 minutes let yourself notice things that make you happy. Actively pay attention to things you can be happy and grateful about.

Don’t wait to become happy; make yourself happy!


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