Any value from experiences?

7 Nov

Burning my stomach with vegetable curry in Indore (India), getting stuffed by a huge steak & cheese cake in Nashville (US), falling half-asleep during shoulder massage in Bangkok (Thailand), sweating in sauna in Kerava (Finland), searching for the perfect real ale in Cambridge (UK)… the past four weeks have been busy, and satisfying.

While most of the experiences I face in my life are enjoyable, I want to also look for deeper than the face-value… I want to search for different translations on the things that happen to me. The following 3 perspectives help me in finding more meaning in the everyday experiences:

  • experiences as learning: does it give me new ideas and understanding (insight on the importance of symbolic signs of equality when standing in cafeteria line with directors and plant workers in India)
  • experiences as perspective: does it help me to put things into the perspective (realizing the differences in systems, structures and attitudes when comparing the life-conditions of the 4 countries I visited in the last month)
  • experiences as appreciation: does it help me to be thankful of what I have, who I am, or what I can be (the feeling of peace & happiness when coming back home)

I believe that our own life is our best teacher. Look deeply into your experiences, and reflect on the things that happen to you. With the right perspective, you’ll find value and enjoyment in your everyday experiences.

Remember, that living the life as an experience hunter will never satisfy you. It’s more important to life intensively and fully each moment, whatever that moment might be. Once you learn that, each moment can be a diverse and satisfying experience.

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