Why your Grandma has better diet than you, balanced habits 7

2 Feb

I absolutely love eating. And I absolutely love being healthy. Funnily enough, it’s easy to achieve the both at the same time…

Two best-known secrets of healthy eating: more nutrients & less processed stuff

Eating healthy is really simple. Bit more of nutrient dense real food, bit less of the processed stuff and enough time to eat properly. And forget all those diets and special food programs. Just listen to your body on which food makes you feel good, and re-learn to enjoy your eating.

First of all the part about a bit more. Try to load your plate full of nutrient dense foods, like leafy salads, colorful vegetables, fruits, seeds & nuts, brown rice, whole wheat products, good quality fish & meat… These products contain massive amounts of nutrients, that you can use when building your new cells. You need this stuff!

“I stuff the ingredients of my first breakfast into a mixer. In goes the banana, fresh spinach, pumpkin seeds, grapefruit juice and a big piece of ginger. The green smoothie loads my body with vitamins, minerals, fiber and other goodies right from the morning.”

Then cut down on the unnecessary food. Basically the more processes the food is, the more it has lost the nutrients to start with, and the harder time your digestion will have with it. You will end up using loads of energy just to get this junk through your system, and in the end it hardly offers you with any of the nutrients you need. You will just eat some filler calories that will make you lazy and fat!

“For lunch I eat properly, but without stuffing myself. The Japanese style daily set includes fried or raw fish, fried vegetables, miso-soup and rise. Filling food will sustain me through the afternoon, but less heavy on my digestion so I don’t become sleepy.”

How to make the most of your meal

When you eat, do it with attention & enjoyment:

  • Slow down your eating, so you have more time to enjoy the flavors and the texture of your food.
  • Bite well to give an easier task for your digestion.
  • Engage into a discussion over meal with the important people in your life.
  • Drink a glass of wine to accompany the food.

Four easy advises for healthy eating

  1. Go for the colors: Especially when choosing vegetables, fruits and berries, the colorful ones are the healthiest. The color pigments actually consist of the vitamins and antioxidants that make you healthy and protect you from sickness.
  2. Buy like your grandmother: With all the odd processed stuff now available, it can be hard to know what is actually good for you. But if you buy ingredients that your grandma would recognize, you can’t go wrong. She knows what salmon, spinach or turnip looks like, but would have a bit harder time with cup noodles and micro-wave meals.
  3. Read the ingredient list: Before buying a food product, please have a look on the ingredient list. If the list contains many words that you can’t pronounce, don’t buy it. If the list has more codes than names, don’t buy it. And if it makes any health claims (less fat, sugar-free…), you can be sure that they had to do some funky processing that’s not good for you. Don’t buy it!
  4. Cook your own food: If you haven’t cooked before, start with something easy. Buy a blender and start making your own green smoothie in the morning. Then expand from that to cooking sometimes in the evenings / weekends. Eventually the process of cooking can become one of the creative outlets for you to express yourself.

“When returning home, I pop the nearby supermarket to stock on some fresh vegetables and good quality meat. I cook the dinner from real ingredients, thus ensured that my meal will be nutritious and tasty.”

Interested in being healthy, slim and filled with energy?

  • Better health – We eat for the energy and nutrients. Most of us business professionals have an overconsumption of calories (energy), and a potential lack of the needed building parts for your body (nutrients). By making sure that you get the right amount of energy and enough nutrients, your body can function properly. Besides, the better you eat now, the less you will need the pills later.
  • More energy – A 5 to 15 percent of our energy expenditure is done by the digestive system. The more nutrient dense your food is, the less you have to eat, and the less you’ll lose energy. And better yet if you keep the food easily digestible, meaning less processed.
  • More appreciation – Eating healthy is connected with being more interested in food. You want to pay attention on what ingredients you buy, on how you cook the food, or what you order in restaurant. Once you start paying more attention, you also start to appreciate more the food that you eat.
  • Weight control – More nutrient dense food means less filler calories. Eating slowly means getting the feeling of fullness earlier. And when eating properly, you will have less snack cravings. All this ensures that you automatically control your energy-intake, thus staying slim.

“During the 3 pm the energy-dip hits… I become suddenly tired! I reach for the mandarin, but decline the offered cookie. The natural sweetness of the fruit refreshes me, without causing the ‘sugar peak – crash afterwards’ effect.”

How about you? Do you do as your Grandma, buying real food stuff and preparing the meals yourself? What are your best tips for eating healthy?

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