How to ensure unlimited energy (without coffee), balanced habits 8

12 Feb

Don’t get me wrong… I love my espresso.

Especially Illy!

I just believe that there are better ways than coffee to ensure the energy in my life!

The three pillars of living with energy

If you want to feel enjoy an abundance of energy in your everyday life, do these 3 things:

  1. get your life aligned with your values
  2. get your work aligned with your strengths
  3. activate your body, mind and soul daily

The magic comes from spending your time on right things, using the right skills, while re-fuelling your energy resources – every day!

1. Spend time on things that you value

Aligning your life with your values means spending most of your time on things that you find important. It requires:

  • knowing deeply what things matter to you most
  • being able to prioritize your time for these things

Finding out what you value in life is easy, but living in line with your values in harder. The expectations at work or from other people might distract you from living according to your own priorities. By listening too much to others, you might end up living a life that you don’t really like. You will need inner strength and courage to implement your values into your way of living.

2. Use your strengths in the office

The more you use your strengths, the better results you’ll make. Forget about improving your weaknesses… that will only get you to an average level. Top performers play heavily with their strengths, and get other people to support them in their weak areas.

To be able to fully use your strengths at work, you have to align your work profile to match your strengths. Speak with your boss about how you could give your best effort for the company. Take on projects that give you possibilities to use your strengths… and make sure to bring in extraordinary results. That will bring more work possibilities that fit you.

“At work it’s easy for me to get motivated. I always jump on project opportunities where I can work on people development with global teams. Facilitating collaboration with different cultures, or building training systems comes naturally to me. This work is fun, and the results are excellent.”

3. Activate your full human system

Even if the big picture would be all aligned (values & strengths), you will still need to take care of your everyday energy. By activating your body, mind and soul through daily habits, you’ll ensure that your whole system is brimming with energy.

“In the morning my meditation, yoga and studying are there to wake up different parts of my being. My morning habits ensure a good start, filling me with energy and motivation for the day.”

Four practices for living a life filled with energy

  1. Get to know your values: List down 30 things that you find important in life. From the things you wrote down, select the 5 most important. Compare each of these values with each other, seeing which is more important. Through this process, you should be able to get a rough idea of your 5 most important values and their order of importance.
  2. Live your values, for real: For 3 weeks, follow where you are spending your money and time to. Compare if your spending habits and time priorities are in line with your values. If you claim that ‘health’ is one of your values, do you continuously take time to exercise, or do spend a bit more money on the better quality food. If not, time to change your habits (or to check your values).
  3. Get to know your strengths: Every time at work when you are feeling motivated and exited to do your work, write down what you were doing. Be specific. After few weeks, analyze your notes and try to find commonalities on the job content and style of working that seem to excite you. You’ll likely find things that seem effortless, that you learn quickly, and where you consistently show good results.
  4. Be active: Do something that gives you energy every day. If you have trouble knowing what to do, try some of the following: do intensive muscle training for 10 minutes, go for a walk by the river, eat fruits, have a small nap, read classics, listen to cool podcasts, write a poem, cook dinner, play with your kids, talk with your wife, count your sheep, listen to waves, meditate.

“I am discussing the weekend plans for the following month with my wife. As usual, we are making sure that there is some time reserved for culture, nature, friends… all those good things in life that make us happy. By planning activities for things we value, we already feel positively expectant and energetic.”

Excel at work, happy at home

  • Energy & joy – When your life is filled with things that you find important, you are excited about the future. When you know that you can work using your strengths, you will look forward going to work. When you take care of all the parts of you being, you are filled with energy. Energy and joy, at work and at home!
  • Feeling of fulfillment – When planning your activities around your values, you ensure that your time is spent for things that make you happy. These activities then recharge your inner batteries – helping you to feel these positive emotions even in normal, everyday situations.
  • Achievement at work – When working on your strengths, you’ll notice that your productivity will increase. Things will come naturally to you, you’ll feel continuously motivated, and learning new will be easy for you. It’s the perfect combination – work challenges seem achievable and motivating, and you will be successful in your career.

What about you? How would you bring more energy into your life?

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5 Responses to “How to ensure unlimited energy (without coffee), balanced habits 8”

  1. Living.BE February 20, 2012 at 1:50 am #

    Great stuff! I’m adding this article to my calendar for monthly review. Thanks!

    • Oskari March 5, 2012 at 10:06 pm #

      Hey, that’s a great idea. Every month reminding yourself of the good ways of living. How do you do it?

  2. Mickie Brodnicki March 12, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    Meetings are indispensable once you don’t want to do anything whatsoever.
    Try, try, try, and keep on trying is the rule that needs to be followed to become a specialist in anything.


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