Why you need to break your habits, balanced habits 10

14 Mar

The success of living your habits depends on 3 elements:
  1. habits link directly to your long-term goals
  2. habits give you enjoyment every day
  3. you have to know when to break your habits

You are not a robot

Habits are great, but don’t just mindlessly follow your preset routines. Learn to listen to your inner voice, and respect the messages it’s sending to you.

  • Some mornings sleeping over is the right choice
  • Some days your body is not ready for exercise
  • Sometimes that burger or bowl of ramen just hits the spot

Be aware what you need at each moment. Don’t just fulfill your life-plan; remember also to live!

20% of imperfection

A good rule of thumb is to 80% of the time follow your habits, and 20% let yourself to break them. Do the things that are good for you, but remember to also be merciful to yourself. You don’t need to be perfect!

Afterwards, get back on track

OK, so you gave in to your lazy needs. Half a day in bed reading comics and the other half drinking beer with friends… no judging or blaming needed, as that would eat away all the enjoyment from your experience.

Just decide that from next morning you will again continue with your good habits. And the do it!

Occasional enjoyments

  1. Sleep late during weekends: Let the power of bed win you at least once during the weekend. Enjoy the sweet feeling of falling back to sleep after the alarm has woken you up. Laugh at your responsibilities, and focus on seeing beautiful dreams!
  2. Cheat day for eating: One day a week, allow yourself to eat anything you want. Indulge yourself with any of the tasty combinations of sugar / fat / salt / chemicals. By focusing the unhealthy eating on one day, the total impact will be much less that by doing that every day of the week.
  3. Enjoy the unhealthy: Smoking a cigar is not good for me, but after a long meal it sometimes tastes great! The moment of connection with friend, the enjoyable feeling of decadence, the appreciation of the quality product… shame that the taste in my mouth the next day is so horrible.

Choosing every moment

  • Enjoying the moment – We can’t live only for the future; we also have to live now. Sometimes the best enjoyment comes from satisfying your momentarily needs.
  • Freedom to choose – If you write a too rigid plan for your life, you can be limiting your ability to respond into the varying situations. Build habits to live your best life, and be also willing to break these habits occasionally.

What is your favorite way of breaking your good habits?

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