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How to create everyday happiness, balanced habits 9

5 Mar

Smile, what’s the use of crying?

You’ll find the life is still worthwhile

If you just smile

“Smile”, by Nat King Cole

Being happy is easy…

All you need to do is to 1) think and 2) act in the happy way! Focus your mind on the positive, and act in a way that transmits positive emotions. Continue reading


Why hugs and beer will support your personal development – balanced habits 6

26 Jan

If you want to have a happy home, spend time with your family.

If you want to have fun, go out with people who make you laugh.

People will enrich your life… if you let the right people into your life.

Who are worth of your time

Start by being clear on your own needs. Who are the people who you absolutely want to spend time with. Continue reading

4 ways to energize yourself after work

5 Jul

Anyone who has ever worked in the office, has had one of these days… 8-12 hours of meetings, calls and sitting in front of the computer will leave you feeling drained. While a cold beer on sofa brings a temporary relief, it doesn’t really make you feel fulfilled. You don’t need to rest, you need to live more.

As a human being, we need to live with our body, mind, heart and soul to feel complete. Next time that you want to feel alive after work, try one of the following: Continue reading

10 daily habits for living a full life, the basics ‘balanced professional’

28 Jun

Global corporate life, working across time-zones from Asia to Europe and America, surrounded by salaryman dedicated to their company… a perfect environment for practicing a life as the balanced professional.

Continue reading

Being present, practicing intensity and harmony

25 Apr

Two guys, small box, rackets, and a ball that you can hit really hard… I loved playing squash again after few years. The skill level was suitably matched with my opponent, so I was able to let my competitive side free and fight for the win. End result; 45 minutes of intense moving, whacking… and being totally present.

I’m continuously in a search for practices that would make me aware of the present moment. The more I’m able to be in the moment, the more I feel that I’m living with vitality, with life force flowing through me. Life happens only NOW, and that’s where I want to be. Continue reading