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How to ensure unlimited energy (without coffee), balanced habits 8

12 Feb

Don’t get me wrong… I love my espresso.

Especially Illy!

I just believe that there are better ways than coffee to ensure the energy in my life!

The three pillars of living with energy

If you want to feel enjoy an abundance of energy in your everyday life, do these 3 things: Continue reading


How 2 hours makes you the office superstar – balanced habits 5

15 Jan

I go to office to get results.  I focus on the important, get the work done, and go home early. You?

Below are my best tips to stop wasting your time in the office. Less chaos & multitasking, more focus on the relevant. Less busyness and overtime, more productivity. All in 2 hours…

How to make the
 productivity easy with 2 hours of focusContinue reading

Minimize mails and meetings, and go home early

14 Jul

It’s too easy to spend 8 hours in the office, and to achieve nothing! With the mails and meetings stealing your working hours, the only option seems to be to continue working during your ‘life hours’ to get anything done… Extremely frustrating, and a sure way to build a stressful, non-balanced life!

With the massive amounts of information pounding on us from every direction, we can easily become reactive and non-focused in the office. To take control of the situation, and to clear time for some real work, try at least the following. Continue reading

Volunteering in Tohoku, learnings from crisis in Japan part 3

18 Jun

Last week for 2 days I was shoveling and bagging dirt in gardens of Tohoku. The region was badly affected by tsunami, which destroyed houses and left mountains of trash on it’s way. Now, after 3 months of the incident the cleanup continues. Our part was to remove the first 5 cm of the dirt, which is filled with litter and impurities brought by the tsunami.

When being in the ‘genba’, the actual site of the tsunami, many thoughts went through me. I was dumbfounded on ‘how much trash there was‘, and ‘how much there was do to‘. However, I also got some insights of the of the importance of the first steps in the process of rebuilding: Continue reading

It is not about reaching the objectives

6 Jun

I recently got promoted and received a black belt, both in a space of 2 weeks. As these were both long held ambitions for me, you would think that I was on top of the world for weeks afterwards. Instead, I felt only calm satisfaction and a commitment to continue the effort. These achievements felt like confirmations of work well done in the past years.

I love setting objectives, as they help me to focus my efforts. For example the promotion and the black belt were good milestones to measure my progress in my career, or in mastering iaido. But these achievements had their value as process indicators, not as end goals that would bring happiness. Life continues, and the work and iaido are still the same – even with the new titles. Continue reading