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Why you need to break your habits, balanced habits 10

14 Mar

The success of living your habits depends on 3 elements:
  1. habits link directly to your long-term goals
  2. habits give you enjoyment every day
  3. you have to know when to break your habits

You are not a robot

Habits are great, but don’t just mindlessly follow your preset routines. Continue reading


How to create everyday happiness, balanced habits 9

5 Mar

Smile, what’s the use of crying?

You’ll find the life is still worthwhile

If you just smile

“Smile”, by Nat King Cole

Being happy is easy…

All you need to do is to 1) think and 2) act in the happy way! Focus your mind on the positive, and act in a way that transmits positive emotions. Continue reading

Any value from experiences?

7 Nov

Burning my stomach with vegetable curry in Indore (India), getting stuffed by a huge steak & cheese cake in Nashville (US), falling half-asleep during shoulder massage in Bangkok (Thailand), sweating in sauna in Kerava (Finland), searching for the perfect real ale in Cambridge (UK)… the past four weeks have been busy, and satisfying.

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Volunteering in Tohoku, learnings from crisis in Japan part 3

18 Jun

Last week for 2 days I was shoveling and bagging dirt in gardens of Tohoku. The region was badly affected by tsunami, which destroyed houses and left mountains of trash on it’s way. Now, after 3 months of the incident the cleanup continues. Our part was to remove the first 5 cm of the dirt, which is filled with litter and impurities brought by the tsunami.

When being in the ‘genba’, the actual site of the tsunami, many thoughts went through me. I was dumbfounded on ‘how much trash there was‘, and ‘how much there was do to‘. However, I also got some insights of the of the importance of the first steps in the process of rebuilding: Continue reading

Being present, practicing intensity and harmony

25 Apr

Two guys, small box, rackets, and a ball that you can hit really hard… I loved playing squash again after few years. The skill level was suitably matched with my opponent, so I was able to let my competitive side free and fight for the win. End result; 45 minutes of intense moving, whacking… and being totally present.

I’m continuously in a search for practices that would make me aware of the present moment. The more I’m able to be in the moment, the more I feel that I’m living with vitality, with life force flowing through me. Life happens only NOW, and that’s where I want to be. Continue reading