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Take quiet time, balanced habits 2

18 Nov

While the world still sleeps, I silently walk into my tatami-room. I light 2 candles, letting their soft light to illuminate my surroundings. It’s still early, and the city is quiet.

I sit on my cushion, and close my eyes. Breathing slowly, I watch the air going in and out… in and out. When thoughts pop up, I release them and just return to my breathing. There is nothing in the world except the silence and the breathing.

After a while I open my eyes. I am calm and balanced, feeling at peace with myself. The day awaits me, and I’m ready to face it with acceptance and joy.

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Holiday for the mind and soul, the importance of empty time

23 Aug

Crowded mind can’t hold new ideas! Busy soul won’t have time to live fully! But when did you last let your pace down and create an empty space for yourself?

During the summer vacation I took few days of doing-nothing time in the summer cottage. I wanted to reboot myself, and re-learn the art of being. Staying still and doing nothing was extremely rewarding:

  • the mind-chatter died away, and I felt my brains to relax
  • instead of just recycling my old thoughts, I started getting new ideas & perspectives
  • answers and clarity on questions that I was holding come naturally to me
  • I started enjoying each moment more, and I felt at peace

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10 daily habits for living a full life, the basics ‘balanced professional’

28 Jun

Global corporate life, working across time-zones from Asia to Europe and America, surrounded by salaryman dedicated to their company… a perfect environment for practicing a life as the balanced professional.

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Being present, practicing intensity and harmony

25 Apr

Two guys, small box, rackets, and a ball that you can hit really hard… I loved playing squash again after few years. The skill level was suitably matched with my opponent, so I was able to let my competitive side free and fight for the win. End result; 45 minutes of intense moving, whacking… and being totally present.

I’m continuously in a search for practices that would make me aware of the present moment. The more I’m able to be in the moment, the more I feel that I’m living with vitality, with life force flowing through me. Life happens only NOW, and that’s where I want to be. Continue reading

Living life as a practice

6 Feb

The sun is slowly peeking its eyes over the horizon. The silence is broken by the resolute movement of the sword. The Samurai is completing his morning practice. You can find him here everyday. For the last 10 years. Every morning, the same time, same place, same movements. On a rainy day, on a snowy day, in the summer in the winter, whatever is happening in his life, he is here, ready to practice one more time. It goes beyond an exercise, it is a way of life. Intention, aspiration, humility and discipline… Continue reading