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Why you need to break your habits, balanced habits 10

14 Mar

The success of living your habits depends on 3 elements:
  1. habits link directly to your long-term goals
  2. habits give you enjoyment every day
  3. you have to know when to break your habits

You are not a robot

Habits are great, but don’t just mindlessly follow your preset routines. Continue reading


Why hugs and beer will support your personal development – balanced habits 6

26 Jan

If you want to have a happy home, spend time with your family.

If you want to have fun, go out with people who make you laugh.

People will enrich your life… if you let the right people into your life.

Who are worth of your time

Start by being clear on your own needs. Who are the people who you absolutely want to spend time with. Continue reading

Enjoy life, live in now

14 Sep

As a head-driven future planner, it’s sometimes hard for me to be fully present. I’m able to get lost into my thoughts, and hours can pass without me realising my surroundings. Like living in a continuous mind-fog…

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Everyday enjoyment, living according to the values

12 Sep

Amazing how good everyday life can feel. For an outsider, my weekend could have seemed very normal… even boring. But for me, it was just perfect!

A big guidance for my everyday life comes from being clear about my values. I know what are the things I value in my life, and I consciously take time for them. This creates an everyday experience of alignment, meaningfulness and joy.

Some examples where I felt the connection between my highest values and the everyday actions during this weekend:

  • Love & caring – fully being present and enjoying each moment with my wife, be it dinner with wine, coffee break together, cleaning the house together…
  • Friendship & belonging – enjoyable dinner with good friends in a Spanish restaurant. Relishing the easiness of connection and the shared tasty experience.
  • Self development – took time for muscle training, Japanese studies and meditation both on Saturday and Sunday, thus honoring my body, mind and spirit

And the best thing is, that the everyday enjoyment is available for anybody… everyday! It’s as simple as ABC:

  • A = awareness of your values – get clear what is important for you
  • B = build habits – find small things your can do in your everyday life that are in line with your values
  • C = continuously enjoy – start living your habits, and meet the everyday life with joy

Please join me. The world needs people who smile everyday!