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Move your body, balanced habits 3

22 Nov

Morning silence is punctuated by my deep breathing. At the pace of my breaths, I’m settling into the yoga postures. Air going in and out, postures fluidly changing to others… The slow stretches remove the tightness, leaving my body feeling light. I am energized, and ready for the day.

I come home after work with tired mind and bored body. I re-activate myself for the evening with small exercise… just 15 minutes of body-weight work in close-by park, or maybe 10 minutes of iaido-movements in tatami-room. No more work-thoughts or stress, no more stagnated energy after too many hours of sitting. I am ready to fully focus on my wife, and then on good food.

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Balanced in 20 minutes, the power of small installments

8 Oct

The biggest reason for failing to live a balanced life is by trying too much. Making grand plans on how you want your everyday life look like is OK, but eventually the only thing that matters is what you do, every day! Start small, and enjoy these small victories of living the life that you want.

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Energize yourself at work

22 Jul

The summer in Tokyo, it’s hot. As the country is saving energy and the air-con is turned way down, people are sweating! Due to the heat, I have recently found it hard to keep up my energy-levels during the workday.

To be able to be productive – and to stay awake – I have looking for ways to energize myself in the office. I noticed my feelings of tiredness usually stems with one of the following: Continue reading

4 ways to energize yourself after work

5 Jul

Anyone who has ever worked in the office, has had one of these days… 8-12 hours of meetings, calls and sitting in front of the computer will leave you feeling drained. While a cold beer on sofa brings a temporary relief, it doesn’t really make you feel fulfilled. You don’t need to rest, you need to live more.

As a human being, we need to live with our body, mind, heart and soul to feel complete. Next time that you want to feel alive after work, try one of the following: Continue reading

10 daily habits for living a full life, the basics ‘balanced professional’

28 Jun

Global corporate life, working across time-zones from Asia to Europe and America, surrounded by salaryman dedicated to their company… a perfect environment for practicing a life as the balanced professional.

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