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How 2 hours makes you the office superstar – balanced habits 5

15 Jan

I go to office to get results.  I focus on the important, get the work done, and go home early. You?

Below are my best tips to stop wasting your time in the office. Less chaos & multitasking, more focus on the relevant. Less busyness and overtime, more productivity. All in 2 hours…

How to make the
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Practice acceptance, balanced habits 4

2 Dec

I feel tired when the alarm goes off, but I have to get up and get ready for work. I could feel annoyed having to wake up when my body wants to stay in bed, and start harboring negative emotions towards the 9 to 6 office life. Instead I accept my tiredness, and promise myself to get to bed earlier tonight. I start slowly getting myself ready for work, giving my body and mind the time it needs to get going.

The train is again packed with people, and I hardly have space to move. I could feel annoyed at the other people of pushing me around, and not giving me the space to read my book. Instead I understand that also others have to go to work, and fully accept the situation. I stand surrounded by my fellow commuters, and start listening to a good podcast.

I get a mail from my colleague, him letting me know that he doesn’t agree with me. I could be annoyed with my colleague, considering him unable to understand my point of view. Instead I remember that all people make sense in their own head, and accept his opinion. I call him to ask more about his mail, to fully understand his point of view.

At the end of the day I have still loads of things that I wanted to achieve. Some work issues are pending, I had promised to organize the holiday pictures, and I haven’t even cleaned the kitchen yet. I could be disappointed in myself, feeling like a loser for not being able to achieve everything. Instead I accept that I also have a limited amount of time and energy in the day, and decide to feel happy about what I did achieve. I accept myself, and feel free!

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Wake up early, balanced habits 1

14 Nov

Lazy me: Setting the alarm for 7:00, but getting up at 7:20 after snoozing. Jumping up feeling stressed, as I am already running late. Quickly getting dressed, eating breakfast while standing and rushing out of the door.

While commuting I slowly start to wake, and to get mentally ready for the day. Just hoping that in the evening I would have some time for myself…

Balanced me: Alarm goes off at 5:30. I let myself to wake up slowly and sense the morning. I have ample of time for myself: meditation, yoga and studying Japanese to activate my soul, body, and mind. I enjoy a relaxed breakfast together with my wife, discussing about the upcoming day.

While commuting, I feel already like a winner. Even before reaching my workplace, I have already invested holistically into my development and well-being.

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Balanced in 20 minutes, the power of small installments

8 Oct

The biggest reason for failing to live a balanced life is by trying too much. Making grand plans on how you want your everyday life look like is OK, but eventually the only thing that matters is what you do, every day! Start small, and enjoy these small victories of living the life that you want.

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Planning your career, asking your inner grandpa

21 Sep

My wife is considering a career change, and is thus discussing this topic with many important people in her life. The interesting thing about the opinions she receives, is that the advice is usually tightly connected with the personality of the person. People tend to give advice that they would like to hear themselves. The question is; whose perspective to listen, as all of them are correct in some sense… Continue reading