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Holiday for the mind and soul, the importance of empty time

23 Aug

Crowded mind can’t hold new ideas! Busy soul won’t have time to live fully! But when did you last let your pace down and create an empty space for yourself?

During the summer vacation I took few days of doing-nothing time in the summer cottage. I wanted to reboot myself, and re-learn the art of being. Staying still and doing nothing was extremely rewarding:

  • the mind-chatter died away, and I felt my brains to relax
  • instead of just recycling my old thoughts, I started getting new ideas & perspectives
  • answers and clarity on questions that I was holding come naturally to me
  • I started enjoying each moment more, and I felt at peace

There are various ways of taking your own sacred time. Continue reading


About sunrise, and accepting reality

25 Jul

We climbed this Saturday night on top of mount Fuji, to enjoy an amazing sunrise with my wife. After 15 hours of hiking… body exhausted, spirit re-invigorated.

One thing we noticed though, is that Japanese LOVE this sacred mountain. Was an odd feeling to stand in a queue at 4 am while trying to climb a 45 degree steep slope. Especially as we had only moved 50 meters in the past 60 mins.

So how to best react in the situation, when you really want to reach the summit by the sunrise… but the 3000 other people who also use the narrow trails want to do the same. And it’s 15 minutes to the sunrise, and the line is not moving…

The best that I can recommend, is following:

  1. accept reality – no use fighting against what is
  2. finding the spice – find the uniqueness in that moment
  3. relax and enjoy

We sat down by the path, enjoyed the sunrise, looked at the masses of people hiking past us, and marveled another truly Japanese experience.

Small walk – new ideas

19 Jul

With Tokyo bathing in heat, I didn’t feel like moving at all. But actually walk along the river was just the right thing… mind clearer, body refreshed, and flooded with new ideas.

Whenever I relax in the nature, my mind seems to go on turbo-boost in creating connections and seeing possibilities. The only thing I need to make sure is to take the first step as soon as I come home. Ideas can be only valuable if I get things moving…