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How to create everyday happiness, balanced habits 9

5 Mar

Smile, what’s the use of crying?

You’ll find the life is still worthwhile

If you just smile

“Smile”, by Nat King Cole

Being happy is easy…

All you need to do is to 1) think and 2) act in the happy way! Focus your mind on the positive, and act in a way that transmits positive emotions. Continue reading


Any value from experiences?

7 Nov

Burning my stomach with vegetable curry in Indore (India), getting stuffed by a huge steak & cheese cake in Nashville (US), falling half-asleep during shoulder massage in Bangkok (Thailand), sweating in sauna in Kerava (Finland), searching for the perfect real ale in Cambridge (UK)… the past four weeks have been busy, and satisfying.

Continue reading

Appreciating everyday life, learning from crisis in Japan part 2

17 Apr

“You appreciate something that you lose… and then get it back.”

The biggest personal impact due to the nuclear problems in Fukushima was the disruption on the everyday life. Suddenly things I take for granted were challenged:

  • For some days, I didn’t feel safe to breathe outside without a face mask
  • Tap water had some radioactive substances and stores were running out of big water bottles
  • At stores I wanted to know from which region the vegetables were coming from
  • Trains connections were cut, and we were concerned of the blackouts in our area Continue reading

Managing your mind, learning from crisis in Japan part 1

10 Apr

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” Franklin D. Roosevelt

On Friday 11th of March, I was suddenly woken up from my afternoon nap. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake in the North-East coast of Japan felt tremendously strong even in Tokyo. The aftermath of the earthquake has been terrible for the people directly affected. And distressing for many more…

I admit that I was also stressed, being especially nervous about the nuclear situation. During the first week of the crisis, when the situation in Fukushima was still escalating, I was continuously thinking about the possible risks. By using too much of my mental energy on this kind of negative scenario thinking, I was creating a feeling of grey heaviness inside of me. Continue reading

Clarity and positive attitude – morning habits part 3

16 Feb

Journaling is one of the easiest ways to contribute into your wellbeing. Just grab a pen and let your thoughts and emotions flow to the paper. The simple process of writing things down brings intellectual clarity, emotional stability and broader perspective. And if you decide to focus on specific topics, you can consciously build new patterns for your thinking.

Journaling can vary from few minutes of jotting down quick ideas, to hours of contemplative writing. Due to the limited time before work, I have selected to do very concise morning-journaling – I usually write down less than 10 words. Continue reading