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Being present, practicing intensity and harmony

25 Apr

Two guys, small box, rackets, and a ball that you can hit really hard… I loved playing squash again after few years. The skill level was suitably matched with my opponent, so I was able to let my competitive side free and fight for the win. End result; 45 minutes of intense moving, whacking… and being totally present.

I’m continuously in a search for practices that would make me aware of the present moment. The more I’m able to be in the moment, the more I feel that I’m living with vitality, with life force flowing through me. Life happens only NOW, and that’s where I want to be. Continue reading


Living life as a practice

6 Feb

The sun is slowly peeking its eyes over the horizon. The silence is broken by the resolute movement of the sword. The Samurai is completing his morning practice. You can find him here everyday. For the last 10 years. Every morning, the same time, same place, same movements. On a rainy day, on a snowy day, in the summer in the winter, whatever is happening in his life, he is here, ready to practice one more time. It goes beyond an exercise, it is a way of life. Intention, aspiration, humility and discipline… Continue reading

With my back straight, life as practice

15 Jan

It’s almost ridiculous how easy it is to live a fulfilling life… just paying attention to every second, and living it with a meaning. Each moment that we encounter, is a mini-challenge to overcome in our journey. Living life as a practice.

My most recent practice started, when my iaido-sensei noticed that my forms seemed wobbly. To correct my technique, he recommended paying attention to the way is sit and stand everyday. Nowadays when working on my desk (where I spend 8 hours a day), I have made sure to keep my back straight. Not leaning or slouching was difficult in the beginning, and my lower back used to ache from the unaccustomed strain. However, in few weeks my muscles got used to it, and now it feels natural to sit erect.

Now, after 2 months this small practice of sitting properly is already paying of handsomely. My iaido-forms are more stable, my core muscles feel stronger, my posture is better, and I feel more energetic. And I actually look forward to sitting with my back straight, as I love winning the challenge.

If the way I sit can turn into a practice to live a better life, so can anything else. When I see stairs, I see leg exercise. When I see dishes, I see a possibility for a mindfulness and closure of a task. When greeting people in the office, I challenge myself to build connections and to speak Japanese. And the list goes on…

What I would recommend is to select one everyday moment that seems mundane, boring, or without specific purpose. Then imagining what how the ‘perfect you’ would behave in this moment… and start behaving accordingly. If you practice this for a month, the situation will transform from boring to special. I will be filled with meaning.

And then select the next moment…

What is the challenge that you’ll start with? What is the practice that you’ll implement in your life?