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Enjoy life, live in now

14 Sep

As a head-driven future planner, it’s sometimes hard for me to be fully present. I’m able to get lost into my thoughts, and hours can pass without me realising my surroundings. Like living in a continuous mind-fog…

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Being present, practicing intensity and harmony

25 Apr

Two guys, small box, rackets, and a ball that you can hit really hard… I loved playing squash again after few years. The skill level was suitably matched with my opponent, so I was able to let my competitive side free and fight for the win. End result; 45 minutes of intense moving, whacking… and being totally present.

I’m continuously in a search for practices that would make me aware of the present moment. The more I’m able to be in the moment, the more I feel that I’m living with vitality, with life force flowing through me. Life happens only NOW, and that’s where I want to be. Continue reading

Body and presence, morning habits part 1

1 Feb

As my alarm goes off, I walk sleepily into our tatami-room, and take the starting pose. What follows is 30 minutes connection with my body, treating it with yoga, joint mobility exercises and some iaido movements. The heaviness of the morning is being replaced by alertness and presence in the moment. Good deal, huh?

After the New Year I extended my physical morning habits to include yoga and iaido. I implemented these, as I wanted to improve my flexibility and get more connected with my body from the morning. After 1 month of testing, I am totally hooked! Continue reading