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How 2 hours makes you the office superstar – balanced habits 5

15 Jan

I go to office to get results.  I focus on the important, get the work done, and go home early. You?

Below are my best tips to stop wasting your time in the office. Less chaos & multitasking, more focus on the relevant. Less busyness and overtime, more productivity. All in 2 hours…

How to make the
 productivity easy with 2 hours of focusContinue reading


Minimize mails and meetings, and go home early

14 Jul

It’s too easy to spend 8 hours in the office, and to achieve nothing! With the mails and meetings stealing your working hours, the only option seems to be to continue working during your ‘life hours’ to get anything done… Extremely frustrating, and a sure way to build a stressful, non-balanced life!

With the massive amounts of information pounding on us from every direction, we can easily become reactive and non-focused in the office. To take control of the situation, and to clear time for some real work, try at least the following. Continue reading

Achieving, through focus and accountability

3 Dec

I like achieving, getting things done in an effective way, for 2 simple reasons:

  • Through achieving meaningful things, I bring my contribution to the world
  • I don’t like wasting time, as time is limited

Achieving doesn’t mean mindlessly being busy doing things. It’s rather selecting what you want to concentrate your energy & time on, and then doing those with full presence.

Few of the best ways to ensure achievement is through focus and accountability. First of all, you need to be very clear what you want to achieve, your objective. Then, you have to commit to achieving your objective. Committing to yourself is good, committing to other is better… by voicing your commitment to other’s you both clarify and intensify your intention, but also invite their support.

These ideas can be used in any part of our lives…the following examples are stemming from my corporate life:

Weekly focus: In our weekly meeting, we set down 3 individual focus areas with my team members. This clarifies the objectives for the coming week, and makes us also accountable for our colleagues. Personally I also write down the main activities needed for each focus areas to my daily to-do list.

Daily focus: When coming in to office each day, I quickly confirm the focus task of the day with my colleagues. This way we set our minds for the day, and ensure alignment with the weekly focus areas. Also voicing our commitments makes us feel more responsible for achieving these focus tasks.

Momentarily focus: When starting on my focus task, I first clear as many distractions as possible (close mail & other windows from my computer screen, out away materials from other projects…), and then just start working. There is no use of waiting for the motivation… the motivation for me comes when I am in the flow of doing. I get over the hard part of starting by breaking down my task to such a small mini-tasks, that doing one of them seems laughable easy. By doing few of these mini-tasks after each other, I’ll be soon in a natural flow of getting things done.

After 1 hour or so I often take a mini-break (go and make a cup of tea, chat with my colleagues, stretch a bit…), as I know that my concentration capacity greatly diminishes after this time. By giving my brain a 3 min break, and then re-focusing on the task every now and then keeps me effective until the work is done, or it’s time to do something else.

How about you? Do you know what is ‘the one thing’ you need to achieve today? And how do you commit to getting it done?