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Wake up early, balanced habits 1

14 Nov

Lazy me: Setting the alarm for 7:00, but getting up at 7:20 after snoozing. Jumping up feeling stressed, as I am already running late. Quickly getting dressed, eating breakfast while standing and rushing out of the door.

While commuting I slowly start to wake, and to get mentally ready for the day. Just hoping that in the evening I would have some time for myself…

Balanced me: Alarm goes off at 5:30. I let myself to wake up slowly and sense the morning. I have ample of time for myself: meditation, yoga and studying Japanese to activate my soul, body, and mind. I enjoy a relaxed breakfast together with my wife, discussing about the upcoming day.

While commuting, I feel already like a winner. Even before reaching my workplace, I have already invested holistically into my development and well-being.

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10 daily habits for living a full life, the basics ‘balanced professional’

28 Jun

Global corporate life, working across time-zones from Asia to Europe and America, surrounded by salaryman dedicated to their company… a perfect environment for practicing a life as the balanced professional.

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Body and presence, morning habits part 1

1 Feb

As my alarm goes off, I walk sleepily into our tatami-room, and take the starting pose. What follows is 30 minutes connection with my body, treating it with yoga, joint mobility exercises and some iaido movements. The heaviness of the morning is being replaced by alertness and presence in the moment. Good deal, huh?

After the New Year I extended my physical morning habits to include yoga and iaido. I implemented these, as I wanted to improve my flexibility and get more connected with my body from the morning. After 1 month of testing, I am totally hooked! Continue reading

Daily habits, living ideal life every day

14 Dec
If you create an act, you create a habit.
If you create a habit, you create character.
If you create a character, you create a destiny.
André Maurois

I love the idea of living our perfect life every day. Each morning offers us a new possibility, where we can start from zero. After our alarm goes off, will each of our actions take us towards our ideal self, or away from it? When it’s time to go to bed, how far we have walked towards our ideals, or how far we have slipped away from them?

I’m personally committed to respect and develop all the major bases of my being each day: my body (physical), mind (intellectual), heart (emotional) and soul (spiritual). To ensure that, I have created daily plan for weekdays including my favourite practices:

5:45 Wake-up
6:00 Meditation & reflection
6:30 Joint mobility exercises
6:40 Prepare smoothie, wake-up wife
7:00 Japanese studies
7:30 Breakfast with wife
8:10 Leave for work
9:00 Focused and meaningful work
18:00 Leave for home
19:00 Exercise
19:30 Dinner preparation & dinner with wife
21:00 Japanese test
21:15 Free time
22:00 Stretching, reflection & meditation
22:30 Bed time
(timings only for reference)

My daily plan serves me as a reference point, not as a limiting timetable. I normally try to do 50-80% of the above each day, as following these practices make me feel energetic, balanced and fulfilled. And I naturally do also many things outside of the mentioned (meet friends, hobbies, work longer, read…). For me the daily plan is a motivating reminder of my current best practices of being and becoming my ideal self.

Living the life you want comes down to simple acts of everyday life, done consistently and persistently. Whatever you want to do, what ever you want to be; just start by doing something simple. After 2 months it will be easier to continue your habit than to stop it. After some years your habit develops into a lifestyle, and no effort is needed anymore – the ideal behaviour flows naturally from your core.

What is the one thing you need to integrate into your daily life? Exercise, some quiet time, time with family… What simple act could you do everyday, starting today?