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Move your body, balanced habits 3

22 Nov

Morning silence is punctuated by my deep breathing. At the pace of my breaths, I’m settling into the yoga postures. Air going in and out, postures fluidly changing to others… The slow stretches remove the tightness, leaving my body feeling light. I am energized, and ready for the day.

I come home after work with tired mind and bored body. I re-activate myself for the evening with small exercise… just 15 minutes of body-weight work in close-by park, or maybe 10 minutes of iaido-movements in tatami-room. No more work-thoughts or stress, no more stagnated energy after too many hours of sitting. I am ready to fully focus on my wife, and then on good food.

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Body and presence, morning habits part 1

1 Feb

As my alarm goes off, I walk sleepily into our tatami-room, and take the starting pose. What follows is 30 minutes connection with my body, treating it with yoga, joint mobility exercises and some iaido movements. The heaviness of the morning is being replaced by alertness and presence in the moment. Good deal, huh?

After the New Year I extended my physical morning habits to include yoga and iaido. I implemented these, as I wanted to improve my flexibility and get more connected with my body from the morning. After 1 month of testing, I am totally hooked! Continue reading