You are a successful professional, who feels that there is something missing. You are looking for ways to build a full and balanced life, while successfully continuing your career. You are on your way of becoming a Balanced Professional.

Career and fulfilling life? You are a business man, with a driven career. But the corporate game is not enough for you just by itself. Life offers a broad spectrum of challenges and joys, and you want to immerse yourself to it all. You want to have a full life.

Looking for life balance? You are busy at work, which leaves you lacking time or energy for yourself. You want to create more balance in your life, to take care of your body, mind and soul. You want to have a dynamic tension between the intensity of doing and the harmony of being.

Ready to change your life? You feel the need to start changing your life. You are willing to make the effort, and carve a bit of time every day for your new actions. You believe in creating change through small daily steps, done with consistency and persistence.

Oskari Hämäläinen, your support & coach

Husband, blogger, black belt, coach, meditator… with a successful corporate career! During the past 10 years I have been cultivating ways to live a fulfilling and balanced life, while thriving in the business world.

Time for relationships

  • Enjoying life with my wife – happy intercultural marriage
  • Deepening friendships – deepening connection with friends close and far

Developing my mind and body

  • Healthy mind – daily meditation, studying Japanese
  • In a healthy body – black belt in Iaido, daily yoga, hiking

Achieving career success

  • HRD manager in global corporation – designing global people development systems, designing management trainings, giving trainings in various regions of the world
  • Building my experience as trainer, facilitator and coach – 10 years of experience in intercultural settings
  • Broadening my intercultural exposure – currently integrating into Japanese society , previous work experiences in Helsinki (Finland), Stockholm (Sweden) and Brussels (Belgium)
You can contact me on oskari.hamalainen@balancedprofessional.com

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