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Take quiet time, balanced habits 2

18 Nov

While the world still sleeps, I silently walk into my tatami-room. I light 2 candles, letting their soft light to illuminate my surroundings. It’s still early, and the city is quiet.

I sit on my cushion, and close my eyes. Breathing slowly, I watch the air going in and out… in and out. When thoughts pop up, I release them and just return to my breathing. There is nothing in the world except the silence and the breathing.

After a while I open my eyes. I am calm and balanced, feeling at peace with myself. The day awaits me, and I’m ready to face it with acceptance and joy.

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Mental balance, morning habits part 2

5 Feb

My elementary teacher used to say that ’music starts from silence’. In line with her words, I have noticed that ‘performance starts from peace’. When I have balanced mind, the actions and the achievement flows naturally. And the life feels good!

I originally started meditating during the evenings to calm my mind before going to bed. Nowadays I also meditate in the mornings, to ensure a balanced start for the day. I sit 30 minutes in silence, while focusing my mind with different techniques: Continue reading